About Us

COWDEN as one of the independent brands in America.
Mainly in the 1950s, COWDEN was developing work wear such as coveralls and overalls etc which was producing a work cloth loved by the workers.
COWDEN history was absorbed by International Shoe Company, Inc. with BIG YANK, Campus in 1966.
After that, there was also a subsidiary of BIG YANK LLC in NEW JERSEY province and have today.
COWDEN was involved with International Shoe Company which was engaged in U.S. Navy's service shoes, BIG YANK etc. of historical work wear as well.
We have a history of COWDEN that is a bit different from the major department store chain store brand in America.
That difference is that we have pursued functionality as a work wear from the beginning that is why.
Because of that influence, while items have identity as work wear, sophisticated simple and functional design is my characteristic.
COWDEN product is a work wear that expresses the attractiveness of the person who is still wearing through that universal concept that will never change forever.